Amy Eichler is an acrylic and oil artist focusing on both the human and animal form.  She is a graduate of the University of Arkansas with degrees in Computer Science and Art with an emphasis in oil painting and drawing. She was fortunate to be raised in an artistic family with a mother who is also an artist, but didn't start focusing on art as a career until recently.  Amy also grew up dancing, performing and traveling the world, and operated as the Dance Director at iNFiNiTi Athletics in Bentonville, AR until 2017 when she took the leap into a full-time art career.  Her work can be found in galleries around Arkansas and Oklahoma and in private collections all across the world.  Amy's studio resides alongside her mother, artist Celestine Eichler, in the Art Ventures Gallery in Fayetteville, AR.



why i paint...

“Painting, much like dancing, is a physical self expression to capture the mood, emotion, or personality of the setting or model. Both disciplines emphasize texture in movement, allowing bold and graceful movements to work together to create a visually pleasing dance or painting. It’s my love of dance that has influenced my paintings to emphasize expressive color, movement, rhythm, technique, character and the living form. Over time, my paintings have grown to be more about the subject and less about the setting, abandoning most backgrounds to make room for more contrast and negative space. My relationship with painting is about reacting to what I see in front of me, expressing that feeling it in a way that only I can, and painting it with the emotions and energy that come out in the process.”


  • Artists of Northwest Arkansas (ANA) Juried Regional Show Best in Water Media/Mixed Media and Peoples Choice 2011  

  • ANA Juried Regional Show Merit Award 2012

  • ANA Member's Show Peoples Choice 2016

  • ANA Juried Regional Show Merit Award 2016

  • ANA Juried Regional Show Best in Acrylic 2017

  • ANA Members Show Best in Animals/Florals 2019